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Equiped with more than 20,000 Sq Ft. of manufacture spaces and 300 plus skillful workers, Savio Lighting and its China joint venture celebrated a record year ended 2006 with a 1.06 million unit production.

US Wholesale & Distributor Opportunity

If you are interested in
  • Wholesale (Min. Quanity > 50 units), or
  • Becoming a US distributor
Please contact's US National Sales manager,
Wei Ye at (508) 875-8818, or
  • Product sample request before 5PM (Eastern Standard Time) will be sent the same day via UPS or FedEx.

    Opening Order/Re-order

    • The minimum initial order to open a wholesale/distributor account is $500.00.
    • There is minimum re-order amount of $100.00.
    • A $10.00 handeling fee will be added to orders below the minimum.
    Quantity Production Time Ready to Ship Outbound
    <500 UnitsIn-Stockwithin 2 DaysBoston, MA
    >500 Units7-14 days14th dayChina
    20 ft. Container21 days21st dayChina
    40 ft. Container30 days30th dayChina

    Container Sales - Worldwide

    We could arrange deliver to the country of your choice!
    Savio Lighting’s sleek T4 fluorescent and T5 Fluorescent luminaries are Listed. Currently our products are available in USA (120Volt, 60Hz), Canada, Europe and many Far East countries including Korean, Japan and Dubai.

    Please contact's International Sales manager, Wei Ye at (508) 875-8818, or

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